Your Personal Injury Lawyer & You

How do I know what kind of lawyer I need? Many law firms claim to do almost everything!

You should look for a lawyer who deals only with the kind of legal issue you have. A real estate lawyer can help you buy or sell your house, if you are separating or getting a divorce, a family law lawyer is the best choice. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident, a dedicated personal injury lawyer experienced in litigation is advised.

Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to those who have been injured; injuries can be physical, psychologically or as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, business, professional, or other. Wrongful death lawyers in Long Island are likely to have more knowledge and experience with the area of law known as tort law. Tort law covers civil actions and damages to a person’s well being, loved ones (in the case of wrongful death) property, reputation, or rights. Personal injury cases usually involve a type of tort or civil wrong where harm has been caused to an individual, resulting from another individual failing to use reasonable care.

Committed personal injury lawyers generally only handle legal cases that fall under tort law including, but not limited to: spinal injuries, car accidents, defective products, disability Insurance claim/disputes, slip and fall accidents, and more. The term “trial lawyers” is often associated with personal injury lawyers.

How will I know if the personal injury lawyer is right for me?

First off will the other lawyer take your case? What is the fee structure? Does the injury lawyer only practice personal injury law and only represent injury victims and their families. Your lawyer should spend time talking with you, getting to know you and your legal situation. If you are not satisfied with the lawyer’s level of compassion or approach, you may want to look for another lawyer. Cases involving injuries are often very stressful and complex. Retaining a personal injury lawyer that offers free consultations and free case assessments and is willing to meet you in your home, or hospital room is particularly helpful. Does your lawyer require a retainer? Ideally you would pay no fees until your case is settled and the personal injury lawyers have recovered your personal injury compensation.

How can I find out about my lawyer’s practicing status or discipline history?

Is your lawyer a member of the law society of Upper Canada? The law Society of Upper Canada has a general inquiries phone number where you can request information about a lawyer’s practicing status or discipline history. General Inquiries Toll-free: 1-800-668-7380.

Selecting the right personal injury law firm is perhaps the most important decision you will make following traumatic injury. A good personal injury lawyer will help to ensure that you get the rehabilitation, insurance benefits and personal injury compensation you deserve. The Kahler Law Firm is a leading Toronto personal injury law firm specializing in serious personal injury litigation. They pride themselves on personalized service, attention to detail, hard work, experience and compassion. The legal service they provide to their clients is second to none.

Do you have questions? For a free no obligation consultations call the Toronto Personal Injury lawyers at the Kahler Personal Injury Law Firm to discuss your personal injury claim.

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