Understanding a Montgomery County DUI Lawyer

If you are charged with driving under the influence, you will need to ensure you hire a Montgomery County DUI lawyer to represent you. This individual is going to help you to reduce the charges you face or have them dismissed by taking the time to prove you were not intoxicated at the time of your arrest. While this can be difficult to, you will find that these lawyers or even some of the Bucks County attorneys you find will be able to help you to avoid the fines and criminal history you will otherwise face.

What you will need to understand is that the goal of the DUI attorney in Delray Beach will be to prove that you are innocent of any charges brought up against you. While there are some situations where you might not be able to avoid charges overall, you may still be able to have them reduced.

It is with this in mind that you will need to determine if going to court with one of the Bucks County attorneys or even a Montgomery County DUI lawyer will be worth it. In cases where there is overwhelming evidence, a plea bargain might be a better choice, as you might have a chance to reduce the charges that have been brought up against you. The best thing you can do is to sit down with your lawyer and discuss the options that you have.

One of the most likely scenarios will be to see if the Montgomery County DUI lawyer you are working with can have your sentence reduced. In some situations, the charge could become reckless driving or a similar charge. For this to happen, the following things need to happen.

  • Provide accurate information to the attorney to ensure that they have all the facts.
  • Provide evidence that something else could have potentially contributed to the lack of judgement, such as a medication.
  • Have the accuracy of the breathalyzer questioned, including the fact that it might not have been properly calibrated.
  • Offer witnesses who can testify that can testify as to what you were doing before the arrest.
  • Show that there is a reason why there might have been a reason for the car dragging to the side.

Keep in mind that even with all this information in place, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will have reduced charges. However, if any of these scenarios can help your case, the Montgomery County DUI lawyer you are using might be able to help you to build a case that you might be able to win.

To begin this process, take the time to sit down with your DUI lawyer to discuss all the facts of your case and to see what your options are. No attorney wants to lose and you will find that any lawyer you work with will be focused on making that happen. Just make sure you give them all the evidence they need to successfully help you.

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